Safepour® – Design


The Safepour® system has been designed for ease of manufacture in all moulding applications. There is no complicated neck detail and the required neck bore is fully circular and can be formed with a conventional blowpin assembly.

Safepour® can be applied to containers after they have been manufactured and even after post mould shrinkage has been completed. This allows moulders and end users to minimise stocking requirements and simplify logistics.

The Safepour® system allows air to enter the container even when being poured from 100% full. This air travels through the handle area to the void at the top of the containers equalising the pressure inside and outside resulting in a consistent and safe flow of product.  Safepour® is highly effective with viscous and non-viscous liquids.

Safepour® is the first truly effective anti-glug system that will not compromise the manufacturing process with complicated neck design or tolerance requirements.

Interested in the Safepour?
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